Naked college hunk Ken at Sean Cody

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Naked college hunk Ken

Sean Cody says: ‘I grew up in a house with five kids, all boys,’ Ken told us. ‘We fought all the time when we were kids, but now we’re really close.’

Ken is a college student who really likes basketball.

‘My brothers taught me how to play when I was really young,’ he said. ‘I’ve been hooked ever since.’

It’s only been a little over a year since he left home to go to school.

‘The adjustment was kind of hard at first,’ he said. ‘But now I’m like… ready for adventure!’

That didn’t surprise me at all, because Ken was enthusiastic from the moment I met him.

‘There was a lot of variety in my house growing up. My mother is Japanese and my father is Italian, so there was always a lot from both worlds!’

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