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Maskurbate says: Bodybuilder Zahn asked us if he could make a second masked scene for Maskurbate saying that he has gained some mass since last time and wanted to show it off. Obviously he was asked to undress and show us why we should make a comeback video with him. Read the full story here

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Maskurbate says: It’s been a dream of mine to work with Peter Stallion one day. I’ve been following his porn career for years and he always made me so horny. Read the full story here

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Maskurbate says: For those of you who travel, I’m sure you once encounter a sexy porter bringing your luggage to your hotel room. Read the full story here

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Maskurbate says: Nathan Topps couldn’t be with his loved one on Valentine’s day. As he got home after his gym routine, he picked up his cellphone and noticed an incoming message. It was his girlfriend’s boss. Read the full story here

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Maskurbate says: Last Friday, my colleagues organized a Masquerade ball for Halloween. Lots of uninvited guests showed up, but who cares, they all had gorgeous bodies and we already had too much to drink. I was glad I rented a room at a nearby hotel. Read the full story here

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Maskurbate says: Since this is Kevin’s first porn scene ever, I decided to go slow on him, and start with a solo, so we could learn about each other, keeping in mind there will be more to come in upcoming scenes. Read the full story here