Erik fucks the virgin ass of Travis

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Straight Rent Boys says: Travis is working hard when it comes to the “ins and outs” of a Straight Rent Boy. Erik is well seasoned at taking virgin asses so I know Travis is in good hands.


As Travis sucks, Erik moans, “oh yeah.” Travis then works on Erik’s balls. I think Erik is ready, but Travis still wants more oral time. Then, Erik moans, “I wanna fuck you.” The two move into a doggie position and Erik slides in; Travis immediately grimaces.

Being his first time taking a dick, Travis quips, “fuck no” when I ask if he’s ever had a girl use a finger on him. Erik is going very slow and gentle allowing Travis time to get used to the feeling.


Travis grips the pillow as Erik whispers, “ah, you feel so fucking good.” Erik pulls out and I tell him to flip Travis around. As he turns over, I see Travis looking at Erik’s cock; he probably is a little out of it from this first experience, but taking it like a trooper.


Erik goes back in and thrusts, both are moaning and watching one another; “oh God” says Erik as he begins to grab at Travis’ cock and balls; Travis is semi hard. Going faster, Erik seems to be getting close, Travis keeps moaning.


Erik changes up the pace a few times as he holds Travis’ cock. After a few strokes, Travis takes over as he pants. “Fuck” moans Travis. Erik pulls out and sprays his large load all over Travis. So, when I ask if Travis was worth “renting?”


Erik says “well worth it.” Travis says he’s got the “tingles” inside; I tell him that’s because Erik fucked him right. Lunch is on the menu next, Erik wants a hot dog; Travis just laughs. I think he’s had enough wiener for today, but there is always tomorrow.



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