Lupe Viscarra

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Lupe Viscarra

Paragon Men says: Lupe has clearly broken the law, because he’s got FINE written all over him. Who can help resorting to bad pick-up lines when confronted with flawlessness? Those eyes, that body, those pillow lips. In the case of Chicago’s own 6’3” boy, there’s a lot of playing field to feast upon. Click and be assured it’s all smooth – long, lithe, lean and luscious.


We stripped Lupe down to find he not only looks like, but man scapes just like Michaelangelo’s David – only with a much bigger dick! Plus, he has no tattoos – clearly so as not to graffiti the sculpture.


Lupe likes to hike (preferably near Lake Tahoe), works as a film producer and is a fan of chicken, shrimp and Penelope Cruz (not in that order). His mighty measurements are 43/17/32/205 – you figure out which numbers go where. Clue: subscribe for the cheat sheet.


Don’t be fooled by the boyish Midwestern image – 24 year old Lupe is downright dirty. The THINGS he does to himself in our XXX PH video! Beware of things that go throb in the night.






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