Eight hot gay swimmers in their speedos at Fit Young Men

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Fit Young Men says: As gay men we have always been fascinated by the swimmer’s build that athletic body type which is a combination of low body fat, flat stomach, broad shoulders and back muscles that look good in a vest or sleeveless undershirt. In online dating or chat profiles such terms are seen as generally positive or desirable connotation and covers all aspects of the “in shape” physique, not just the sport of swimming. Contrast with more disingenuous sports related body type euphemisms like linebacker build or football player build (fat), and runner build (skinny).


Here we have a collection of eight young swimmers who have posed for Fit Young Men in their speedos or board shorts. Indulging our fantasy for ripped abdominal muscles, a V-shaped body and wide, broad shoulders. Who would not want a hug (amongst other things *wink* *wink* from these young guys. Followed by the young model hunks from Dolce & Gabbana swimteam showing how to get that swim look just right.







Now the boys from the Dolce & Gabbana swim team strut their stuff!

[youtube_video id=”0cgTrWRjx4I”]

And check these boys out at Cocksox!

[youtube_video id=”_BimchSn5OY”]


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